Work with us
at the most
foreigner friendly
show club!

Would you like to work at a prestigious and renowned club in Tokyo? We are Tokyo’s No.1 show club performing pole dance shows as well as burlesque shows every night! Tourists and fans of the shows come and visit us daily! You are one step away from achieving the financial freedom you desire.

We will help you
with your new life in Tokyo!

We will guide you through this adventure from start to finish, covering your transportation expenses. For those residing in Okinawa or on another island within Japanese territory, we will also provide assistance.

Knowing more than one language
is not a requirement.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese or English. We offer things such as language and pole dancing classes & personal development coaching. Also our staff and guests consist of many foreign nationals, so we welcome you even if you’re not confident in your Japanese at the moment!

Live an unforgettable

Upon your arrival in Tokyo, we offer you free accommodation for the first few weeks. This way you can learn more about the club and its surrounding attractions. Our apartments are in an excellent location close to the club, so you can walk to it.

Dancer & Hostess

– No experience necessary!
– House in Roppongi available!
– Free pole dance lesson!
– Free dress rental and makeup!
– High commission drink back!
*Hostesses can change position to dancers at any time.

Hourly salary: ¥2,500~¥4,000
*25% raise for those who can work late at night
*Salary dependent on experience, working hours and appearance
Working days: Starting from 1 day a week
*if you want to be on the show as a Tantra Girl, working a minimum of 2 days a week is required
Working hours: 5 hours~ a day
*Closed on Sunday
Age range: ~28 years old

Hall staff

Hourly wage: ¥1,500~
Monthly salary: ¥320,000~
*Salary dependent on experience
*25% raise for those who can work late at night
Working days: Starting from 3 days a week
Working hours: Starting from 6 hours a day
*Closed on Sundays
*2 days off per week


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