Tantra is the Best Place for Business Travelers in Tokyo

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Whether you’re looking for a place to meet clients for business matters, or simply a place to relax at the end of a long workday,  Tantra Tokyo and 395 Tokyo Restaurant and Bar are the perfect choices for business travelers.

395 Tokyo has served an extensive list of clients which have included European royalty, and celebrities such as Sting, Aerosmith, Guy la Liberte, and more. Many of whom are still frequent customers at 395 Tokyo to this day. Today the bar retains a luster and is a favorite of many socialites and business leaders, making it an interesting place for business gatherings. Deemed an exclusive hangout for the city’s A-listers, 395 Tokyo’s nightlife includes live music and special shows.

Best Bar for Business Travelers
Best Bar for Business Travelers

As a place for business meetings and social events, 395 Tokyo carries the perfect atmosphere for relaxing interaction and discussion. The environment is warm and inviting, and tailored to meet the customers needs. Fine Italian cuisine, wines, champagnes, cigars, as well as live music and karaoke are part of what 395 Tokyo has to offer to its patrons.

We also broadcast live games and stream Bloomberg broadcasting for those who like to monitor how the world of business is going.

After your dinner or business gathering, you can go downstairs to Tantra Tokyo.

Tantra Tokyo, is a true gem in the heart of Roppongi business district. Although Tantra Tokyo is a gentlemen’s club, ladies and couples are welcome as well. Tantra Tokyo offers personalized experiences and provides the perfect balance of sophistication and relaxation for business travelers, and vacationers alike, offering a wide range of entertainment, food and drink.

If need should arise, Tantra Tokyo and 395 Tokyo have free Wi-Fi throughout the facilities and are also equipped with copy machines, fax, printer and more.

Don’t miss our Business Traveler Appreciation Night every Wednesday.

Just present your business card and your conference, convention or expo pass to receive free entrance and be able to experience Tokyo’s best gentlemen’s club.

"My firm has been sending clients to Tantra for over 1 year now, always with great appreciation from our customers. This past weekend's party was no different - our clients had a great time with premium service provided by the team. We've sent clients to several of Roppongi's clubs but have to say Tantra's team has always been eager and willing to assist our customers. We look forward to returning when our next group of clients returns to Tokyo!"

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I was invited by a co-worker and we had an amazing time. I am impressed. Yes, the girls were beautiful but they were also fun, and that's what made it for us. And they put on a great SHOW!! It's not just some girl twirling on a pole like in strip clubs back home. The place is clean and classy so you can bring co-workers or friends without any worries. It would actually make a pretty exciting office party place. We will definitely be going back."