Are you tired of not having enough money?

Would you like to work at a prestigious and renowned club in Tokyo? You are one step away from achieving the financial freedom you desire. Working with us you will be able to achieve your goals such as traveling, making new friends and earning 3 to 10 times more than a regular job.

We will help you
with your new life in Tokyo!

We will guide you through this adventure from start to finish, covering your transportation expenses. For those residing in Okinawa or on another island within Japanese territory, we will also provide assistance.

Live an unforgettable

Upon your arrival in Tokyo, we offer you free accommodation for the first few weeks. This way you can learn more about the club and its surrounding attractions. Our apartments are in an excellent location close to the club, so you can walk to it.

Want to know more about
your future job?

Visit our club, take a 360 degree tour. Tantra is the most sought after club in Tokyo with countless celebrities visiting it.

Knowing more than one language
is not a requirement.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese or English. There is no need for experience as a hostess or dancer as we are in charge of teaching you everything so that you can perform your job successfully. We offer things such as language and pole dancing classes & personal development coaching.

Enjoy a new experience and

Work with us

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