Frequently questions and answers

What is Tantra Tokyo?

Tantra Tokyo is Tokyo Premier Gentlemen’s and Show Club that combines the Western type Gentlemen’s Club entertainment with the amazing Japanese service and Choreographed Modern Pole Dancing Shows. It is not your average Strip Club. Tantra also offers daily show featuring the Tantra Girls’ performances.

Can I ask a Tantra Hostess to sit down with me?

Yes, you can request for a Tantra Hostess to sit down with you with no additional charges.

What time do you open?

Tantra opens the door at 19:00 PM and closes at 1:00 AM, but you can continue the party in our restaurant 395 Spice. 395 Spice is a live music venue, restaurant and also Karaoke, and it closes until 5:00 AM or until last customer leaves.

How much is the Ladies Drink?

The drinks for our hostess start from 1,920 YEN (inclusive of Tax and Service Charge) We also have 3,840 YEN drinks. Please check with the staff.

Are there VIP Rooms?

No, we do not have VIP rooms, only VIP area, and tables. The VIP Area is just next to the Stage.

How much is it to avail the VIP tables?

There is a minimum consumption of 100,000 per table. VIP area and tables are displayed on the floor map on our website. Every table is for 2-3 persons maximum.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that sometimes situations arise which require our guests to cancel their bookings. If a refund is needed, we kindly request that our guests notify us of their cancellation at least 24 hours prior to their booked showtime.

Why I am required to present my ID up to the front?

For many years Tantra has been considered a high-end upscale entertainment venue with a strict membership only policy. In the moment of presenting an ID, a business card will also be required. This brings exclusivity, safety, and security to all patrons and customers. Making sure everyone presents an official photo ID is a regulation of the local authorities.

Is there bottle keep system?

We only keep bottles for Spirits such as Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, and Whiskey. The bottle keeps will expire after 30 Days.

Is there any membership program?

We have a membership and corporate account program, where individuals can obtain this by reaching a certain amount of their bills during the course of one year. VIP Members are entitled to get an 8% discount on the total bill during the following one year, from the date the membership commences.

How to become a Member?

We are updating our Membership Terms and Condition. For more information please write to us to

For corporate accounts?

The company needs to make an initial payment of 100,000 Yen for a one year account. This account entitles the company to bring as many as customers as they want or in their behalf and receive 10% discount upon payment.

Do you have other party plans?

We constantly have different party plans and packages, which can be viewed on our website. You can also always come for a regular entrance fee and let us your limit. We will keep track of your account and let you know once you are reaching near your limit.

Tantra Tokyo Party Plans

What is included in the Free Drinks?

Please find the Drink Menu on the Drinks Menu Page.

Can I take pictures and videos?

You are allowed to take pictures and videos only for the Show Time. Clients are not allowed to take pictures of other tables or clients.

Dress Code?

No Sandals only.

My friend birthday party, bachelor party, etc, any special?

For a special occasion such as a friend’s birthday or a bachelor party, we can put the special guest on stage for one song and our tantra girls will dance for him and do a special show for 4 minutes. We will add 8,800 Yen Show Charge (Tantric Show Dance). You can take pictures and videos, or request to one of our managers to take a picture while the guest is on stage.

Couples are Welcome?

Yes, Tantra is not your average Strip Club. We have special packages for couples who come to see our shows, that are performed every hour. You can check our Couples Plans in the link below:

Couples Welcome

Looking for ideas for an “Adventure Date” with your partner? We have choreographed shows every hour but still keeping the essence and vibe of a Gentlemen’s Club. The first show starts at 9:00 PM, every show last 10 min. approx. While you are waiting for the next show you can enjoy the company of our Hostess if You and your partner would like to invite one to your table. You also can Tip your favorite dancer on the stage in-between the shows. Our Hostesses are professional entertainers and they will make you and your partner feel comfortable and relax so you can spice up your date in Tokyo.

What kind of show does Tantra feature?

Throughout the night the shows are different with different themes. The shows are also different every night. We have Modern Geisha Show, Pole Dance Shows, Burlesque Shows, and many more.

What time the Shows Start?

The first show starts at 9:00 PM, the second show at 10:00 PM, the third show at 11:00 PM and last show at 12:00 PM. Every set lasts for approximately 15 -20 minutes. In between the shows, our dancers perform only pole dancing.

Do you have Nyotaimori (Sushi over a model)?

We do not offer this service directly, however, we are able to arrange and organize this type of parties upon request. We can also introduce you to them and you can book with our referral.

Do you offer limousine services?

We work with several companies for Limo Services. Confirmation is needed at least 48 hours before, and 25% deposit should be paid online or at the front door in the club.

What are the Monthly Events?

We have every month a themed event, We feature different shows and We have special guests. We also offer food with your ticket and 1 Tantric Show for those Who buy the 18,000 Yen Ticket.

Is the free food from the “dinner and show” menu or from the regular menu?

The food offered in the show is a selection of party canapé.

Can I put my friend to the Stage?

The Tantric Show ticket is perfect for that, put your friend on the stage and our beautiful girls will dance for him/her, You can use Tantric Show ticket for the last part of the Show that lasts 4 minutes approximately. Just approach the Manager and coordinate the time.