Meet the Tantra Girls

Tantra Girls is our house troupe of dancers, performing 5 shows per night Monday through Saturday. We combine elements from pole dancing, burlesque, circus, video art, and other media to create unique and unforgettable entertainment experiences for our patrons.


H154 B88 W63 H84
  • Favorite Gift:
    Louis Vouitton shoes
  • Ideal Man:
    Responsible and reliable person
  • Dream:
    Tantra Girls Expand Overseas!


H156 B92 W64 H84
  • Favorite Gift:
    Victoria’s Secret Lingerie – I want to dance in it!
  • Ideal Man:
    Man who has a low voice.
  • Charming Feature:
    Eyes, expressions, and my singing!


H157 B87 W57 H89
  • Favorite Gift:
    Chanel lipstick
  • Ideal Man:
    Someone who makes things for me.
  • Dream:
    Tantra Girls Expand Overseas and become a global dancer!


H162 B86 W60 H85
  • Favorite Gift:
    Dinner for two
  • Ideal Man:
    Person with a strong will who is positive and kind.
  • Dream:
    Becoming the most famous sexy showgirl group in Japan!

+ 50 beautiful dancers

We also have our regular guest artists, the ‘Tokyo Tantric Dancers’ performing exclusive pole dance and burlesque numbers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Occasionally, we also book touring artists and special acts for your enjoyment. Pass by and find out tonight!


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