Tantra is Japan’s classiest gentlemen’s club (from Tokyo Reporter)

A great article from our friends of Tokyo Reporter:

TOKYO (TR) – For decades, Roppongi has been widely regarded as the go-to spot for adult entertainment in Tokyo. Aside from its overwhelming number of clubs, the nightlife quarter has something for everyone, from enormous, opulent discos to bargain-basement shot bars. But in recent years the reputation of High Touch Town has been tarnished by reports of theft and fraud, particularly “spiked drink” incidents in dubious establishments. Police and embassy staff have warned carousers to be on their guard. Yet not only is it possible to have a safe and secure night out in Roppongi, you can do so in the company of some of the sexiest women in Japan.To find out how, take a trip to the legendary gentlemen’s club Tantra Artistic Lounge, an exclusive performance and dining space tucked in the back streets off Roppongi-dori. Opened in 2002, Tantra, which is sponsoring The Tokyo Reporter this month, is unlike any other entertainment complex in Tokyo. Even when you arrive, you’ll see that you’re in for something different. After a doorman ushers you down a set of stairs, you’ll see photos of global celebs that have partied here: Avril Lavigne, Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Ronaldo, The Black Eyed Peas, and even European royalty.

That’s not something many clubs in Japan can boast about. Yes, this is the kind of place where you could be enjoying a drink and a show and then you suddenly notice Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is sitting a few feet away.

At the reception desk, you’ll check in and then be guided past the VIP dining lounge 395 Spice Tokyo, which serves caviar, champagne and Italian dishes. A few steps below it is Tantra’s main space, a large show area with private tables, sumptuous leather seating and a brilliantly lit stage. The clientele is a mixture of Japanese and foreign office workers, couples, travelers, and VIPs. A large LCD screen behind the stage shows cherry blossoms and other images of traditional Japan as dancers take the floor — it’s clear that the focus here is high-class entertainment and fantasy. The gorgeous dancers of Tantra are from Japan and other countries. They perform a mixture of pole dancing, burlesque and other forms of dance and entertainment. When they’re not flexing their muscles with gravity-defying pole tricks, the hostesses perform five shows a night. These are a heady blend of Western burlesque-inspired performance and traditional Japanese dance. One show might be a thrilling ensemble dance of leggy hostesses dressed as angels and devils, all garter belts, fishnets and stiletto heels flashing, while another might feature the Tantra girls dressed in flamboyant flowing kimono robes and spinning parasols.   Read more in Tokyo Reporter… Reserve a table now: reservations.tantra-tokyo.com Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tantratokyo/